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How Has My Relationship Coach Helped Others?

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Coach Kristen Mira
"Talking with Kristen brings light into your life! Her pertinent questions spark new ways of thinking and feeling. She remains by your side throughout the process of change as you take concrete and clearly defined turtle steps towards your goal.

I always say that “Good therapy is good teamwork”. Kristen is an excellent example of that.

I am so grateful for the help she has given me in my own quest to better understand myself and navigate my life!"
- Johanna

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Coach Leah Gartner
“Leah is gentle when she pushes in uncomfortable places. She is good at catching those moments I'd rather breeze by and she pushes back on my narrative, but does it without hurting my feelings.

I recognize how hard a balance that can be to strike and she does it very successfully. She notices when I am defended and when I am ashamed and helps me soften and helps me stay a second longer than I want to. Her ability to do this helps me actually do the work.”
- Anonymous

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Coach Shannon Birzon 
What is so inspiring about Shannon’s work is that you feel like she is right there with you in your experience.

Hard to explain but rather than feeling like you are looking at her as outside of you you feel her right beside you ... her capacity for empathy is so organic and profound you don’t even notice it. Clients feel so heard and met and seen by Shannon.

She has such a beautiful gift in being so relatable and authentically present.”
- Beth 

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Why Choose A Coach Over A Therapist?

Understanding the difference between a therapist and coach can make a massive difference in your results. A coach may not be able to handle your trauma history, your suicidality, your addictions, or your mental health challenges. And a therapist may not be able to handle your ambition for growing your relationship from good to great.
While there are pros and cons to both approaches, it’s important to know that our style of relationship coaching blends the depth of psychology with the goals and results of coaching. If you’re struggling with larger trauma and mental health issues, we encourage you to get support through a highly skilled trauma therapist. But, if you want to take your relationships from good to great and create secure, rock-solid friendships and partnerships, then relationship coaching is for you. A good relationship coach will help you take personal responsibility for getting the relationships you want and will challenge you to stop blaming others for your circumstances.
Our relationship coaches are trained to support you through whatever relationship pain you are going through, and they are trained to help you take your relationships to the next level. A good relationship coach challenges you to turn your relationship pain into a learning opportunity. The most attractive people are those who turn pain into power and are willing to ask for help and support along the way.
Relationships are a path. A path to becoming more powerfully and authentically yourself. Hire one of our relationship “guides” to assist you on your path to personal empowerment and indestructible relationships.

“A good coach is a living role model” – Jayson Gaddis


  • Trained coaches who study relationships for a living
  • Unlimited access via Telegram voice notes whenever you need*
  • Eliminate commute time and scheduling hassles
  • ​Flexible plans to meet you needs and lifestyle
  • ​Get matched with a coach that is the perfect fit for you**
  • ​Save money while receiving high-quality care
  • ​Don't wait weeks for you next appointment, message your coach any time
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What is Relationship School coaching?

It is a convenient and affordable way to connect with a certified relationship coach — all from the privacy of your device. We offer Live Video Sessions so you and your coach can plan to connect in real-time. Send your coach text, audio, picture, and video messages at any time. 

How do I communicate with my coach?

Communication with your coach will be via Telegram app (voice notes), email and Zoom.

How much does coaching cost?

The cost of a coach depends on two things, the level of certification your coach has and if you are an individual or a couple. Based on these, coaching ranges in price from $125 to $175.

Are the coaches certified?

Absolutely. Every single coach that we have has been trained and certified by The Relationship School®.
* May not be available on some of the plans. Coaches typically respond during business hours.
** If you are not happy with your coach switch to another one at no extra cost

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